Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cute Semi-Naked Girls

For someone who works in the adult industry I'm not a big fan of seeing beautiful and scantily clad girls around the booths at exhibitions:
"Unless there’s a good reason to put a woman in a bikini and stand her in front of your product then I can’t see why you would. If you’re selling fake tan, or underwear or bikinis for that matter I think there’s a reason to do so as just like a fashion show it displays your product as it’s intended to be used. At adult shows I can also see a justification for the scantily clad models but in any case even if there is a justification for showing naked flesh then it shouldn’t just be female naked flesh."
The rest of the "Booth Babes" article is here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Porn Star Pussy, Gang Bangs And Fleshlight Girls

Here's  post over on about how to get your dick in a porn star's pussy:

"... you could choose a career change and get into the adult industry. That’s not as easy as most guys would imagine and only a small number of men can perform on demand, in front of cameras and a production crew for hours at a time. If you can do it and you can get the work and you are cast in the same scenes as the porn star of your dreams then all well and good. But that’s a very arduous and not at all guaranteed way of reaching your goal of a porn star pussy"

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